Crosby's Horticultural Nursery

Home of the Colourful Plants

I have been working at Crosby’s for nearly five years now; it is a family owned and run business that is located in the north west of England, Cheshire. The business has been operational since 1948, the owner Brian Crosby and his two sons Nigel and Martin Crosby both run the establishment now, and that is not all, Mrs Norma Crosby their mother works here and live on site with her two cats, and both of Martins sons work here to. So as you can see it very much is a family business.

I really wanted to do a documentary photographic project here as it has such a friendly and welcoming nature. The family and the employees are very effortlessly humorous and loveable characters, describe Crosby’s I always say it is like being the real “Dinnerladies” which was a comedy in the 90’s, also based in the north west of England, Manchester. The comedy is focused around the work environment of a canteen. Most of the employees at Crosby’s are also over the age of 60 and it is funny/ interesting to see the dynamics of the conversations and work environment.

For this project I have produced a set of documentary/ reportage photographs of the establishment, workers and recorded a general day at Crosby’s. This project would be aimed at all ages from 10plus, but I think an older market and an audience that have worked would relate more to the images. This work would be in either a book or a fanzine, and the images will actually be published in their next yearly magazine, to which they sent to clients and garden Centers.